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Oct. 1996, Watch This Man "The most important person in your financial life is a man the US press rarely says anything about. He is Osama bin Laden. … He could have more influence on your investment portfolio than any other individual in the world."
Feb. 1999, Profit from the Coming Surprise Attack "Far more important is the question, when will we be hit by a surprise attack from a secret coalition of the enemies Clinton has created?"
Jun. 1999, Buy Defense Stocks Now "It is highly likely we are in or near the new era of war EWR has been predicting. … My long-term forecast remains unchanged: the top growth industry of the next decade will be war."
Oct. 2001, To Destroy America "…the purpose of the [9/11] attack was not to seriously damage America or to create fear in America, it was to create war fever so intense that America will plunge headlong into a guerrilla war in Central Asia."
May 2007, Boom-and-Bust Cycle, What's Next? "The real estate and mortgage markets are in the bust stage of the Fed's cycle. The big question now is, are Fed officials about to loosen, or will they clamp down further? In my opinion, 2007 is a turning point… if Fed officials stay tight much longer, they will trigger another big financial crash."
Aug 2009, Battle of the Paradigms "About thirty years ago I reached the conclusion that America was headed for a huge economic disaster, and this disaster would bring radical political change. I believed, and still do, that the change will go either in the direction of the American Revolution, or the French Revolution."

Now you can prove to your friends, events they thought were impossible to understand can be crystal clear — to those who have the right model.

Long-time readers of US & World Early Warning Report often remark that articles written by Richard Maybury over 24 years ago are even more timely and revealing today than they were then. The EWR model has been under development that long. Mr. Maybury has been building the model a piece at a time, writing about it month after month as he has made discoveries about the events that now dominate the headlines.

For instance, nothing affects us more now than the war that began on 9-11. EWR was investigating this war, explaining how to make money from the economic changes it would bring, years before it began.

Now you can follow all of EWR's investigations, learning each important fact as it was uncovered.

The archive is like an Academy Award winning mystery, with one difference, it's not fiction; we are living the reality every day.

As you follow the mystery, you learn the model — a way to think that reveals the causes and effects before they happen!

Reading through the back issues, your attention will be drawn to the scores of unexamined assumptions other investors live by, falsehoods such as:

• war is good for the economy
• real estate can only go up
• the government would never lie to its soldiers
• Washington's allies are really allies
• in the long run stocks do better than anything else

EWR's chief researcher, David Stewart, spent five months constructing this archive. Each issue, including all its graphics, has been formatted so that it is searchable via Adobe Acrobat. You can easily find everything Mr. Maybury ever wrote in EWR about any topic, nothing has been deleted.

The archive also includes speeches and special bulletins, plus all the investment recommendations, charts, graphs and, most importantly, the maps for which EWR is famous.

Suppose you are thinking about investing in real estate or gold, or you are going to a party and want to be able to speak at length with friends about velocity, guerrilla warfare, boom-and-bust investment cycles, or the importance of the C-130 aircraft. The EWR Archive's search function enables you to find each EWR article ever written about any subject. And, it contains all the footnotes, so it is a great reference source.

Read today's headlines, then look up the explanations Mr. Maybury wrote years before.

In addition to being searchable, every issue can be printed. You also receive permission to make and distribute 50 copies of any ten issues.

The normal price of back issues is $15 each, which works out to $3,600 for all EWRs (1991 through the present). But, the price of the Archive is $495, less than a sixth of this.

Asked to pick his all-time favorite article that teaches how to understand world events, Mr. Maybury said October 2003, The British Threat to America. One reader says this article is "remarkable for its clarity and synthesis," and, "The world is full of historians aware of the same facts you used, but lack the deeper understandings required to weave it all into one unforgettable declaration."

This is a good description of all Mr. Maybury's work. By browsing the EWR Archive, you can make this understanding yours. You can be your own Sherlock Holmes of geopolitics and economics, a global affairs prodigy who can detect the real causes, and likely results of today's headline events.

It is not much of an exaggeration to say the EWR Archive is also a 2,149 page Encyclopedia of Chaostan. There is nothing else like it anywhere.

Don't delay, this offer is good for a limited time. Order today.

$3,600 value, 1991-thru-2014. Normal Back Issue price is $15 each.
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