Global map of lands of Chaos or Chaostan

In May of 2018, Mr. Maybury inducted all of Africa into Chaostan. The countries of Chaostan now take up more than half of the earth's landmass. Order now.

Chaostan — What is It?

Chaostan (pronounced chaos-tan) is the land of the Great Chaos. The area from the Arctic Ocean to the Indian Ocean, and Poland to the Pacific, plus Africa, Chaostan contains thousands of nations, tribes and ethnic groups who have hated and fought each other for centuries.

For seven decades the Kremlin sat on Chaostan like a lid on a pressure cooker. In 1989, the lid blew off. Since then, more than 100 wars have erupted, killing over five million, nearly all in Chaostan.

Since the 1940s, Washington has meddled in numerous quarrels in Chaostan. On 9-11 its enemies began heavy retaliation. The economic crisis that began in Aug. 2007 distracted attention from Chaostan, but now the carnage is returning to center stage, and will likely affect investments profoundly.

Nearly all countries in Chaostan are artificial, forcibly cobbled together over centuries by the rulers of Europe. Now the Great Uncobbling has begun, as tribe battles tribe in a revival of old feuds, from Morocco to the Philippines.

Early Warning Report is the only publication that specializes in understanding this part of the world and its effects on you.

Did the CIA & Pentagon Copy EWR's Chaostan Analysis?

On October 1, 2009, the former commander in Afghanistan, General McChrystal, gave a speech about “Chaosistan.” He expressed doubts about the strategy in Afghanistan, and was called on the carpet by Obama aboard Air Force One. This was reminiscent of Truman’s upbraiding of MacArthur. The Pentagon, CIA and the rest of the foreign policy establishment split, pro vs. con regarding McChrystal’s "Chaosistan" message.

Newsweek says that when journalists asked McChrystal’s entourage where he got the "Chaosistan" idea, they were told it was from Richard Maybury's 1998 speech at the New Orleans Investment Conference titled “What is Chaostan?” 1

Newsweek even drew attention to Mr. Maybury's 1998 Chaostan investment suggestions (which have paid off spectacularly).

For at least 15 years, there have been rumors that EWR is circulated under the table in the Pentagon and CIA. It turns out those rumors are true. It also appears EWR and the concept of Chaostan is what caused the fracture in the foreign policy establishment.

1 The Newsweek story, “Chaosistan,” is in the October 19, 2009 issue.