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Richard J. Maybury portrait

Selected Articles

By Richard J. Maybury

Selected Articles:

24-Aug-12 - When to sell, and why - Reprint from the August 2010 EWR.

7-Nov-11 - Values Clarification - Reprint from the November-December 2011 EWR.

19-Aug-11 - An update on my view of bonds and Permanent Portfolio Fund - If I expect the dollar to be destroyed, why would I recommend a mutual fund that contains bonds?

17-Aug-11 - Investment Strategy, Bonds and Permanent Portfolio Fund - Reprints from June 2009 EWR, May 2010 EWR, and June 2010 EWR.

1-Jan-10 - The Fed Caused Disaster - After 97 years of manipulation, the Fed has finally run out of maneuvering room and it is choosing runaway inflation as a way to stave off depression.

1-Feb-01 - Explanation of Risk Levels - Richard Maybury explains numerical risk levels of investments in EWR.

1-Mar-10 - Stop The War On Women - This is a special reprint from the March 2010 Issue of EWR. It is written for women, but the recommendations apply equally to men.

20-Dec-09 - Ethics of Weapons Stocks - "I am often asked, is it ethical to invest in General Dynamics or other companies that make war goods?"....