Richard J. Maybury who is also Uncle Eric
Richard Maybury, also known as Uncle Eric, is an author, lecturer and geopolitical analyst. During the 1960s, in the U.S. Air Force 605th Air Commando Squadron, Mr. Maybury was an aircrew member on AC-47, C-47 and C-46 aircrafts. He was involved in covert warfare operations in Central America, and he helped train troops from the CIA's notorious School of the Americas. He saw, in his own words, "real politics, up front and personal, and it isn't anything like what most Americans think it is."


Book Cover Uncle Eric Talks About World War Two World War II
The Rest of the Story and How It Affects You Today
1930 to September 11, 2001, Revised Edition.
Part Two of a two-part series about the World Wars

by Richard J. Maybury

Mr. Maybury's book, World War II, focuses on ideas and events in the Second World War and how they affect us today. Mr. Maybury explains, "The most important parts of World War II were how the U.S. got into it, the way the war was conducted, and the ideas that emerged from it. These set the stage for the world we live in today. The misunderstandings about World War II created a chain reaction, or domino effect, that led to America's subsequent wars, including the Korean War and Vietnam War, the Iraq-Kuwait War, and the 'War on Terror' that began September 11, 2001."

"The best book I've read on World War II. It provides genuinely original insights on why the U.S. didn't need to become involved, and destroys many myths that persist about the war. Maybury ties the misunderstandings about World War II to the misunderstanding about today's U.S. foreign policy."   —Harry Browne

Ages 14 to 94. 349 pages, quality paperback. $19.95
ISBN 0-942617-43-6, Copyright 2002, 2003 Revised Edition


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