Richard J. Maybury who is also Uncle Eric
"The economy is not a machine. It is an ecology made of biological organisms — humans. It is far too complex for any government to fully understand or improve, but governments try to do this. They play God. The result is bankruptcies, unemployment and poverty for millions of good people who have never harmed anyone.
   However, in good times and bad, someone is always earning money. As I said in my first letter, even in the Great Depression, some people not only got by, they got rich." —p.234


Book Cover Uncle Eric Talks About The Clipper Ship Strategy The Clipper Ship Strategy
for Success in Your Career, Business and Investments

by Richard J. Maybury

The practical application of The Money Mystery and Whatever Happened To Penny Candy?

Conventional wisdom says that when the government expands the money supply, the money descends on the economy in a uniform blanket. This is wrong, the money is injected into specific locations causing hot spots or "cones." Mr. Maybury explains a system for tracking and profiting from these cones. These are proven insights. Step by step instructions. Clever illustrations that make the system easy to understand and see.

Originally published at $39.95 as a special report titled You Can Profit From the Injection Effect

Ages 14 to 94. 269 pages, quality paperback. $17.95
ISBN 0-942617-37-1, Copyright 1997, 2003


The Business, Economics and Finance set

Personal, Career, and Financial Security

Whatever Happened to Penny Candy?

The Money Mystery

The Clipper Ship Strategy


The Law and Politics set

Whatever Happened to Justice?

Are You Liberal? Conservative? Or Confused?

Ancient Rome: How It Affects You Today

Evaluating Books: What Would Thomas Jefferson Think About This?


The War set

The Thousand Year War in the Mideast

World War I, the Rest of the Story

World War II, the Rest of the Story


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