Richard J. Maybury who is also Uncle Eric
"None of what I've written in this series of letters or anywhere else is meant to imply that liberals, moderates, or conservatives are bad people or that they have bad intentions. In most cases I honestly believe they participate in the scramble for power simply because they do not know there is another way. —p.119


Book Cover Uncle Eric Talks About Are You Liberal Conservative or Confused Are You... Liberal? Conservative?
or Confused?

by Richard J. Maybury

Political labels, what do they mean? What are their economic and legal policies? How do they affect your business, career, and investments?

Liberal, conservative, left, right, democratic, republican, moderate, socialist, libertarian, communist—what are their economic policies and what plans do their promoters have for your money?

Clear, concise explanations. Facts and fallacies. This is essential knowledge for all educated persons.

Ages 14 to 94. 144 pages, quality paperback. $12.95
ISBN 0-942617-54-1 , Copyright 1995, 2004 Second Edition



The Business, Economics and Finance set

Personal, Career, and Financial Security

Whatever Happened to Penny Candy?

The Money Mystery

The Clipper Ship Strategy


The Law and Politics set

Whatever Happened to Justice?

Are You Liberal? Conservative? Or Confused?

Ancient Rome: How It Affects You Today

Evaluating Books: What Would Thomas Jefferson Think About This?


The War set

The Thousand Year War in the Mideast

World War I, the Rest of the Story

World War II, the Rest of the Story