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Daily Bell Interview, and Trouble in the Mideast

By Richard J. Maybury



Dear Reader,

The Daily Bell has published another interview with me. www.thedailybell.com It gives my latest thinking on a variety of subjects including the trouble in the Mideast.

I’m preparing a lengthy two-part article for the March and April EWRs. As you know, I see 9/11, the Great Monetary Calamity that began in August 2007, the so-called Great Recession, and the decline of the dollar, as early symptoms of the fall of the US empire.

After sitting under my oak tree giving this subject a lot of thought, I’ve decided Tunisia, Yemen and Egypt are signs the fall is accelerating.

The mainstream press treats these various events as individual stories mostly unrelated to each other — a “perfect storm” of converging disasters. But I am convinced the real story is one they won’t face: the fall of the federal government’s global empire. The converging disasters are all subsets of this massive historic crack-up.

Nearly all historians and journalists are statist, and they equate the fall of an empire with the fall of a civilization. For instance, I’ve often seen “The collapse of the Roman Empire,” used synonymously with “the collapse of Rome,” and “the collapse of Roman civilization.”

It’s highly misleading. In the 20th century, the fall of the British and French empires was very traumatic, but it did not end the British or French civilizations. If you’ve been to Britain or France, you know these are very fine places to live, much better than when their populations were spending blood and treasure to prop up their rulers’ empires.

I’m sure it will be the same for America. For people who are not savvy about these matters, the transition will continue being horribly painful for many years. For those who are well informed, it will be highly profitable, and when it is over, America will be a much better place.

One of the most important recent incidents in the fall of the empire was Fed chief Bernanke’s February 3rd press conference in which he defended his monetary policy. Foreign rulers have been accusing the Fed of flooding the world with dollars, driving up prices of food and energy, triggering riots and uprisings. Bernanke, of course, insisted the Fed is innocent.

What is important is that Bernanke felt the need to defend himself against charges that he is wrecking the whole world. This was a tacit admission that millions are beginning to rise up against Washington — that the empire is disintegrating. Rebels are blaming their economic problems on the US Federal Reserve, and rightfully so. The Fed produces the world’s reserve currency, the dollar.

I’m confident enough that the collapse of the empire is accelerating that from now on we’re going to be doing a lot more on this subject. After all, if EWR doesn’t do it, who will? The mainstream won’t even admit the federal government has an empire.

Incidentally, last year at the highly informative Resource Consultants Wealth Protection Conference in Phoenix I appeared via Skype video conferencing. I’ll be doing that, and taking questions, again.

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I appreciate your interest in my work. If you like the Daily Bell interview, I hope you will recommend it to those you care about.


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