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Sell Gannett?

By Richard J. Maybury


I almost never sell anything, because nearly all my recommendations are based on what I believe are the two dominant long-term economic trends, which I think are still in their early stages:  more war, and more debasement of the dollar caused by the war.

One of the rare exceptions is Gannett (GCI), which I suggested in the March 2009 EWR. Gannett is now up more than seven-fold from when I wrote about it — which turned out to be the exact bottom.

I expect for most of my readers it’s a good idea to take some profits here, assuming you haven’t already.

But I’m not selling mine, for three reasons:  1.  I think the write-up in the March 2009 EWR remains exactly right.  2.  I bought it as a long shot.  3.  The amount I bought is an insignificant part of my financial net worth.

Thanks for your interest in my work.  You are always on my mind.

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