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Public Bulletins

By Richard J. Maybury

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Latest Bulletins:

14-Oct-14 - Ebola Warning

6-May-11 - Staying focused on the long term picture

15-Mar-11 - Continue emergency preparedness

24-Feb-11 - The Great Global Meltdown

7-Feb-11 - Daily Bell Interview, and Trouble in the Mideast

14-Jan-11 - Uncle Eric Videos

8-Oct-10 - Brinks - Correction to the October EWR.

29-Apr-10 - The Trouble In Europe - It isn't about the euro, or about the debts of the governments.

11-Apr-10 - Sell Gannett? - Gannett (GCI), suggested in the March 2009 EWR is up seven-fold from when I wrote about it.


Selected Older Bulletins:

9-April-03 - Why Are My War Investments Down? - The war is 17 months old, and growing worse, yet investments we expect to profit from war are weak. What's happening?


1-Oct-02 - Is A Deflationary Depression Coming? - Why Richard Maybury gives it no more than 1% probability. "Governments are terribly dimwitted institutions, but they do remember how to print money."


3-Nov-01 - Finding The Best Investment Advice For A War Economy - Investment strategy that assumes a war economy. Four red flags to watch for when listening to advice from financial analysts.


23-Sept-01 - Refresher On Geopolitics - Refresher about "terrorism," guerrilla warfare, the implications of the U.S. fighting a guerrilla war in Central Asia, and investment ramifications. Key EWR Back Issues listed, from Aug 1996 to Aug 2001.