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Why Are My War Investments Down?

By Richard J. Maybury



Dear Reader,


I have heard this question several times lately. The war is 17 months old, and growing worse, yet investments we expect to profit from war have been weak. What's happening?

The reason people subscribe to Early Warning Report is to know what others do not. By March 2000, EWR subscribers had been fully briefed about the medieval religious war that was coming and were prepared to profit from it.

Others still do not understand.

One of the many things they fail to grasp is that this is a world war that has barely begun.

I believe the markets will remain malarial, swinging from fever to chill on a daily or hourly basis, until millions have been dragged kicking and screaming to study the military matters, geopolitics and history EWR readers have long understood.

Once these factors are common knowledge among the managers of mutual funds, pension funds and banks, and among the general investing public, then the markets will settle down and gain direction. Until then, expect more chaos.

This is one reason I have always referred to war-related investments as speculations, and why I write about risk as well as profit potential. The fact that EWR readers understand does not mean others do, and the others need time to catch up.


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