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Continue Emergency Preparedness

By Richard J. Maybury



Dear Reader,


The Japanese earthquake and nuclear reactor wreck, the Arab Revolt, rising food and energy prices, the Mexican Civil War, the disintegration of the US empire, the decline of fiat currencies — what can I say?

I'm sure none of this is so serious as to constitute the end of civilization, but it is almost certainly the end of life as we know it.

The less informed a person is, the more likely he or she will be devastated. But as flows of money change, many of the more informed will become the new class of highly wealthy.

As you know, Early Warning Report has always offered a strategy designed as nearly as possible to carry us through almost anything that might happen. I don't know what I'd change in the February explanation of this strategy.

I also don't know what to recommend for a quick hit-and-run profit. The only sure thing in all this is that a lot of the sources of information are lying, especially the governments.

Remember, government officials do not speak to inform, they speak to achieve an effect. What they say does not tell us the truth, it tells us what they want us to believe is the truth. It therefore tells us the direction they are trying to go.

But governments are not homogeneous institutions. Each official is an individual with his or her own personal agenda. Each statement is designed to serve one or more of these very diverse agendas.

In short, we have very little reliable information about what's happening. So, I'm back to the financial strategy described in the February EWR, with a huge dollop of emergency preparedness — food, water, medicines, etc.

You are on my mind constantly, and when I think we have more information that might be useful, I'll let you know. Keep your powder dry.



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