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In the upcoming December 2018 Early Warning Report you will learn about:

Ron Paul's comments about Austrian Economics
Former Congressman Ron Paul "For many years, the Austrian free market economists had predicted all these problems would come, and they were certainly right."
— U.S. Congressman Ron Paul


• A vital Christmas warning.

• Update on the fast spreading internet war among the world's governments. It's invading every corner of your life.

• What to watch for: the three stages of internet collapse.

• What comes after the internet and why you should look forward to it.

• A hugely profitable electronic tulip.

• Pirates, outlaws and your investments.

• As predicted in EWR, the trade war is moving in the direction of a shooting war. How Trump can defuse it, and why he probably won't.

• The most promising stock to profit from the new Artificial Intelligence boom.

• Two other AI stocks to avoid, and why.

•  In the cyber war among governments, history is repeating, and why the war will get a lot worse before it gets better.

• The Pentagon's weapons systems are woefully vulnerable to cyber attacks.

•  The coming "scorched earth" electronic attack.

•  What will happen to the cloud.

•  And more.

The December 2018 EWR emails 19-Nov, and mails 26-Nov