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Richard Maybury portrait

Frequently Asked Questions

By Richard J. Maybury

Q. How long has Mr. Maybury been writing Early Warning Report newsletter (EWR)

A. EWR was first published in 1990. Prior to that time Mr. Maybury was a freelance writer for the Wall Street JournalUSA Today and other publications, including numerous financial newsletters.

Q.  What is Henry Madison Research (HMR) 

A.  HMR is a corporation wholly owned by Mr. Maybury. It publishes EWR.

Q.  How did the name of the company come to be? 

A.  Henry Madison Research is named for the founding fathers, Patrick Henry and James Madison. The company philosophy is proudly biased in favor of liberty, free markets and international neutrality. All analysis builds upward from the two laws that make civilization possible: Do all you have agreed to do, and do not encroach on other persons or their property. These ancient Common Law principles were the basis of the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights.

Q.  What does the company logo mean?  graphic image of liberty bell log for EWR

A.  Liberty is the source of prosperity. The logo is an economic chart showing progress, inside the liberty bell.

Q.  Do I need permission to quote the two laws? 

A.  No, as long as you quote them exactly and mention Mr. Maybury as the source.

Q.  Do I need permission to copy parts of EWR? 

A.  Yes, please fax us at 602-943-2363 stating exactly what you want to copy, for what purpose and what the distribution will be. We will consider your request and reply as soon as possible.

Q.  Does Mr. Maybury own Bluestocking Press? 

A.  No, Mr. Maybury has no ownership, interest or control in Bluestocking Press. Bluestocking is an independently owned company that publishes Richard Maybury's Uncle Eric book series.

Q. Are the Uncle Eric books offered in other languages?

A. Not at this time. We have received offers over the years for translation rights. However, there are several reasons why the author and publisher have not acted on these offers. For example:

1. Great care was taken by Richard Maybury in writing the Uncle Eric books to make them quick, easy to read, and clearly understandable, while at the same time dealing with complicated topics.

2. Mr. Maybury's vocabulary choices and Mr. Maybury's definitions of the vocabulary words chosen are essential to the reader's understanding of the Uncle Eric books.

With a foreign translation, we have no way to ensure that Mr. Maybury's careful selection of vocabulary and his carefully thought-out definitions would be translated exactly as Mr. Maybury intends. For example, consider the color blue. Varieties of color may differ in hue, brightness, shades, tints, etc., resulting in dark blue, light blue, baby blue, powder blue, navy blue (to name only a few).

Only in English can a reader be certain that if Mr. Maybury chose a word, and subsequently defined that word, or explained a concept, it is precisely as Mr. Maybury intended, so that he and his readers can build from that understanding as they work through the Uncle Eric series.

Q.  When Mr. Maybury recommends a stock or other investment, does he get a commission from the broker or dealer? 

A.  No.

Q.  Does Mr. Maybury buy the stocks or other investments he recommends? 

A.  There are too many for him to buy them all, but he does purchase most of them.

Q.  How does a broker or dealer get recommended by Mr. Maybury? 

A.  Before putting someone on the recommended vendor list, Mr. Maybury must have personal experience with the broker or dealer, or receive glowing references from persons he trusts.

Q.  When is Early Warning Report newsletter published and when should I receive it? 

A.  EWR is published 10 times per year. It is mailed first class in a security, number 10 envelope with a return address of Henry Madison Research in Phoenix, AZ. It usually arrives by the 15th of the month.

Q.  If I order a single back issue or a book, how long will it take to reach me? 

A.  Orders that must be handled individually, usually ship out in 5 business days and should reach you in the United States within 10 business days. Overseas order delivery will take longer depending on the mail service in the foreign country. Books are not shipped out of the country. Please order at your local bookstore. Thanks.

Q.  Why do I pay more for an international order? 

A.  Foreign orders require special handling and extra postage.

Q.  How do I know when my subscription to EWR expires? 

A.  You will receive a Post Card with your monthly newsletter reminding you to renew starting at 3 issues remaining.

Q.  If I am on auto-bill, how often am I auto renewed? 

A. Your auto-bill subscription will auto renew every 90 calendar days to the credit card on file. You are responsible for updating our records with up to date payment information to prevent any lapse in service.

Q.  What is the meaning of the Risk Levels that Mr. Maybury puts after recommended investments? 

A.  An article on risk levels appeared in the February 2001 issue of EWR and is reprinted here.