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Richard J. Maybury

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Dear Reader,

Do you believe the mainstream news media are doing a good job telling you what you need to know?

Or do you have the suspicion that practically every news report is crafted to make you assume we need more taxes, welfare, foreign aid, regulation, bureaucracy, red tape — in short, more government?

This while you know full well that Ronald Reagan was right when he said, "Government isn't the solution, it's the problem."

And Donald Trump was right when he called the federal government a "swamp."

And Patrick Henry was, too, when he gave his famous "give me liberty" speech.

The four main trends affecting your investments today are (1) debasement of law and currencies, (2) war, (3) foreign trade restrictions, and the latest and least understood: (4) the cyber war that has probably already invaded your computer and smartphone.

Find out what the mainstream press is not telling you. All these topics and much more are regularly covered by me in my Early Warning Report newsletter.

“I look forward to reading every issue of your Early Warning Report.”
— Congressman Ron Paul

If you read EWR to understand what is really happening in the US and the world, you won't be alone. Newsweek has reported that EWR influences strategic planning in the CIA and Pentagon.

War is the most expensive things humans do. As a percent of all the goods and services produced in America, the federal debt since 9/11 has nearly doubled, to just under 110%.

My subscribers knew about the wars in the Islamic world, the federal government's debt problems, the Chinese moves into the South China Sea, the 2000 tech crash, 9/11, the Great Monetary Calamity of 2007, the now the fast-spreading cyber war, and a host of other epic events, months and sometimes years ahead.

“I was in the financial newsletter business for 24 years, and I still know a lot of people in the business, and I don’t know anybody who is as universally respected by his fellow newsletter writers as Richard Maybury is.  There is so much competition, and even antagonisms in that business, but Maybury seems to stand apart from all of them.”

— Harry Browne, Best-selling investment author

As you can imagine, those who took my investment advice have earned amazing profits.

How do I do it?

I look to the past. I'm known as "the 2,500-year old man," because my careful study of 25 centuries of economic history gives me the perspective of a person who has lived that long.

As you know, those who do not remember history are condemned to repeat it. It never repeats exactly, but close enough to earn profits from it. Here's how.

Few people these days know much history, and almost none know economic history. So my 2,500 year depth gives Early Warning Report a sizable advantage.

world map of countries that make up Chaostan

Believe me, there is a lot more trouble — and profits — coming.

The exploding federal debt, and Washington's endless wars in Asia are just the tip of the iceberg. My Chaostan model has been right on target.

In 1992 I coined the term Chaostan to mean the land of the Great Chaos. It comprises the area from the Arctic Ocean to the Indian Ocean, and Poland to the Pacific, plus Africa.

US officials have been paying for their wars in Chaostan by printing dollars. This has led to economic turmoil inside the US and around the world.

As Chaostan slides further into bloody chaos, it will likely continue being a major influence on your investments for decades.

Subscribe today and you will understand it all when you receive your free six-page report, Chaostan, The Full Story. It is revealing, stimulating and thought provoking, and like EWR, available only from Henry Madison Research.

Early Warning Report is the single most informative newsletter that I read.”
— Dr. Arthur B. Robinson, Publisher and Editor, Access To Energy

You won't hear an explanation of Chaostan from the mainstream media. The dangers and opportunities are too complex to be explained in ten-second sound bites.

Gloom-and-doom? Not at all. I am highly optimistic for those who are prepared. Today's confusing turmoil need not be baffling, and it can make you broke or rich. It depends on what you understand and what you do.

Is EWR really so interesting? So important?

Subscriber N.O. writes that he has "committed to renewing my subscription as long as I live."

“Yes, I do recommend Richard Maybury’s Early Warning Report. It really is ‘must’ reading.”
   — Richard Russell, Editor, Dow Theory Letters

Several readers have told us they rip open the envelope and dive into EWR while still standing at their mailboxes. Another says that after stopping at his mailbox on the way home from work he steers his car erratically up his driveway reading EWR.

In economics, EWR has been in the forefront of explaining the "battle of the paradigms" (Keynesianism vs. Austrianism) the outcome of which will be the single most important determinant of our futures. I use the "Austrian" model of Nobel laureate F.A. Hayek and his mentor Ludwig von Mises. This model has been endorsed by Ron Paul, the Cato Institute, Mises Institute, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, US President Ronald Reagan, and many others.

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As the federal government's endless wars drag on, the Federal Reserve and Treasury will continue printing dollars to cover the debt. So the long-term trend for the dollar is undoubtedly downward.

This means that, as the dollar falls, the long-term trends for oil, gold and all other natural resources will be upward. At some point, as the velocity of the circulation of the dollar gets into mid-stage two, I believe gold will hit $5,000, platinum $5,000, silver $100, oil $300, and gasoline $9 per gallon.

Incidentally, an analyst who does not have a deep background in economic history has no way to know how important velocity is. History shows that velocity affects practically everything in the economy, from to prices of stocks, gold and raw materials, to interest rates, rents, demand for toys, cars and airline tickets, plus employment, bankruptcies, recessions, and more.

“Mr. Maybury is one of the truly original thinkers in the free-market movement in this country.”
   — Robert Ringer, author, Restoring The American Dream

As far as we know, EWR is the only publication in the world to report on velocity in every issue.

Do you want to know what others don't? We often receive letters from subscribers thanking us for enabling them to dazzle their friends with the depth of their insights.

Eight out of ten EWR subscribers renew their subscriptions. This is one of the highest renewal rates in the industry. Readers know they need the insights we provide. These astute people include top corporate executives, financial advisors, small business owners and people from every walk of life who want to understand and earn profits.

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We often hear that EWR is exciting and eye-opening. I guarantee that your friends will be awe-struck at your perceptiveness. You will have a rapt audience. (The folks in the Pentagon and CIA certainly do.)

History repeats. It can make you broke or it can rain money on you. It all depends on what you know and do. Understanding brings peace of mind, and profits.

Don't wait another day. Join the incisive group of people who can't wait for their next issue of EWR and all the understanding it delivers.


Richard Maybury

Richard J. Maybury

Editor, U.S. & World Early Warning Report newsletter

President, Henry Madison Research®, Inc.



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