Former Congressman Ron Paul

May 2007 EWR
"The 'economy' is an abstraction, it doesn't exist. What exists is humans. The 'economy' is people."

March 2011 EWR
"The world is far too complicated for humans to understand it. The best choice is to allow each individual to plot his own course. It's called liberty."

Feb 2012 EWR
"It's long been axiomatic that financial markets are driven primarily by two emotions: fear and greed."

Nov-Dec 2007 EWR
"Socialist literature is about how to take over a country, it contains very little guidance on how to run it after you have it."

March 2011 EWR
"Imagine where the world would be today if in 1776, Tom Paine had written Common Sense, and Ben Franklin had said, you can't publish that, it would cause instability?"


 Richard Maybury's Quotable Quotes

From Early Warning Report, the Uncle Eric Books and Interviews


"America's Founders were convinced political power corrupts. John Adams said, 'Fear is the foundation of governments.' "

- Whatever Happened to Justice?

"The law is no longer a shield, it's a sword."

- January 2020 Early Warning Report

"Political power is the legalized privilege of using brute force on persons who have not harmed anyone."

- February 2020 Early Warning Report

"Nothing on the internet will ever be secure as long as governments use it as a battlefield."

- March 2021 Early Warning Report

"Government controlled schools are even worse than a government controlled press; both are engines of tyranny."

- February 2021 Early Warning Report

"History repeats, because governments keep making the same stupid mistakes. As Mark Twain said, history does not repeat, but it rhymes."

- June 2007 Early Warning Report

"Once a government grows past a certain size, it becomes all power and no brains."

- March 2021 Early Warning Report

"As an economic model, socialism is stone dead."

- March 2009 Early Warning Report

"When the government grows large enough, the losses outnumber the gains and civilization moves backward. We apparently reached this point sometime in the early 1970s."

- Whatever Happened to Justice?

"From my 2,500 years of economic history, one thing I have concluded is that seekers of political power are all cut from the same cloth, regardless of what time or place they live in."

- The End of Washington as Superpower
      Introduction: The Monroe Doctrine