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Uncle Eric Videos

By Richard J. Maybury



Dear Reader,


I've sent no bulletins recently because I haven't seen anything urgent that required comment.

We hope you have had time to visit our new website for Early Warning Report and the Uncle Eric Books. We've worked hard to reorganize the site and make it more readable and informative.

We are providing videos for all the Uncle Eric books. There is a video on the main book page that gives an overview of the books and tells how and why they were written. To date, over 400,000 books have been sold -- many shared with family and friends. We hope these new videos will assist in sharing the story of the Uncle Eric books.

If you've been a longtime reader of EWR and have read many of the Uncle Eric books, these videos are also for you. One reader wrote in that he'd read all the books, beginning over 15 years ago, and enjoyed just sitting down with "Uncle Eric" and listing to the story behind the books.

From myself and all the staff here at Henry Madison Reseach, we wish you the very best in the coming year and will do all that we can to keep you informed.



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Richard Maybury and his associates at Henry Madison Research, Inc.